Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Up loading grades and physicals

Athletes and Parents, 

Here are some apps that can be used to upload your physicals onto registermyathlete.com.
You can use PDFMaster app on apple products and CamScanner or FastScanner for Android.  These are free apps they can put on their phone and upload directly from there. Also you can use www.online2pdf.com to take any file and make it a PDF.  www.pdfmerge.com will take multiple PDF files and make them one.  This one is great for the multi-page physical that needs to be one file.  Maybe this info will help.

Uploading your grades is easy just log into skyward and click on your student portfolio, then find your 2nd quarter grades for 2015-2016 and click view. It will download as a PDF file, then save the file on your computer, then log into your registermyathlete.com and upload the file of your report card you saved.